Lifegroups title version 2

As Christians we need a place to grow together in faith, share deeply our joys and struggles and be encouraged to reach out and share Jesus with our community.  Lifegroups do all of these things.  Lifegroups are mission-focused groups that give opportunities to encounter God, equip one another and engage with our community.

Lifegroups aim to: 

1. Encourage members to grow in their faith
  • through bible study
  • through prayer
  • through exercising spiritual gifts
  • through mission
2. Build honest and committed relationships
  • through meeting regularly
  • through caring for one another
  • through working together
3. Focus on a specific mission area in order 
  • to bless our community
  • to serve the poor and needy
  • to help people come to faith in Jesus

Which Lifegroup is for YOU?

The Food Hall
Rapid Response
M.O.T. (Mums on Thursdays)
The Meeting Place


Rosemary and Derek Taylor-Mew (8422 0994)
Meet fortnightly on Tuesdays at 8pm

We aim to reach out to those in the local community who do not yet know Jesus and those on the fringe of Church.  We will do this by hosting fun events at St Paul's which help connect us with our community and to pass on information to other mission events and church activities.


Lesley Menabney (07989 556016)
John Tubb (8864 8535)
Meet on Wednesdays

We aim to reach out to the poor in our community, those in financial crisis and who are in need of immediate food provision.  We will do this by supporting Harrow Foodbank in providing emergency food parcels for those referred to us by social services, CAB and other local agencies. We will also partner with local businesses and shops to provide our supplies.


Bruce Stevens (07557 052061)
Meet fortnightly on Wednesdays at 8pm

We are committed to reaching out into our community by undertaking short-term projects.  This will include running an Alpha Course and helping with the Operation Christmas Child Project.


M.O.T. (Mums on Thursdays)

Ruth Dowsett (07903 569166), Louise Haddo (8954 1957) & Andrea Lebrato (07443 000667)
Meet fortnightly on Thursdays at 10am.

We are women with a heart for nurturing children wh aim to connect with and support parents in our local community.  We will do this by regularly supporting Toddle In and occasionally running a day-time parenting or Alpha course.  We also aim to volunteer for children outreach events such as Light Night, Easter Outreach and the Crib Service.



Jan Bird (8422 5515) and Eleanor Penwald (8422 6830)
Meet fortnightly on Thursday afternoons.

We aim to reach out to those in the local community who are lonely.  We will do this by carrying leaflets with us to invite people to the various outreach and community events run by St Paul's.  We will also host an occasional social gathering for those we have met.  We also aim to support Christians whose spouses do not yet know Jesus.