Life Course genThe Life Course is a six week course asking: How can we live a full life? How do our beliefs influence our lives? Is there meaning to life? And if there is, can we know it and can we experience it? That sort of thing.


Who is it for?
The course is for anyone, irrespective of belief or lack thereof. It’s non-judgemental. It’s not about forcing you into some set of beliefs. And we don’t want your money. The majority of people are not regular churchgoers.

What’s the format?
The course runs for 6 weeks at lunchtime. We start with lunch followed by brief discussions, film clips and short talks. This is followed by a discussion group over coffee. We finish no later than 2.30pm.

Where is it?
St Paul’s Church, Corbins Lane, South Harrow. HA2 8EL. 

When is it?
Please contact the Church Office on 8422 2991 for details of the next course.

That sounds amazing, how do I book a place?
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