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A Chance to Change (download)
Ian Dowsett, 12/08/2018
Come Down (download)
Ian Dowsett, 05/08/2018
Tuesday - Humble Living 1 Peter 5:1-14 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 24/07/2018
Tuesday - 1 Peter 4:1-12 (download)
Simon Johnson, 17/07/2018
Compassion Sunday (download)
Mick & Ruth Swain, 15/07/2018
Tuesday - Living through suffering 1 Peter 3,8-22 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 10/07/2018
Isaiah 61 - Favour (download)
James Mercer, 08/07/2018
Tuesday - 1 Peter 3;1-7 (download)
Carole Marshall, 03/07/2018
From Weeping To Walls (download)
Joshua Stevens, 01/07/2018
Tuesday - Living in submission 1 Peter 2:13-25 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 26/06/2018
An Everlasting Light (download)
Ian Dowsett, 24/06/2018
Tuesday - Living stones 1 Peter 2,4-12 (download)
Carole Marshall, 19/06/2018
Ignite Gueat Speaker (download)
Lynne Burke, 17/06/2018
Tuesday - 1 Peter 1,13-2,3 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 12/06/2018
God Intervenes (download)
Ian Dowsett, 10/06/2018
From Orphan To Queen (download)
Elaine Weaver, 03/06/2018
True Faith (download)
Marj Mott, 27/05/2018
Pentecost (download)
Ian Dowsett, 20/05/2018
Wedding to Christ, PCC Vision (download)
Ruth & Ian Dowsett, 13/05/2018
Tuesday - The Power of the Tongue (download)
Ian Dowsett, 08/05/2018
From Prisoner to President ATW (download)
Ian Dowsett, 06/05/2018
Do you love me? (download)
Ian Dowsett, 29/04/2018
Tuesday - Show no partiality (download)
Ian Dowsett, 24/04/2018
Jesus' Third Appearance to the Disciples After his Resurrection (download)
Angelo Lebrato, 22/04/2018
Listening and Doing (download)
Ian Dowsett, 17/04/2018
I Have Seen The Lord (download)
Carole Marshall, 08/04/2018
Easter Sunday The Empty Tomb (download)
Ian Dowsett, 01/04/2018
Good Friday Service (download)
Ian Dowsett, 30/03/2018
Tuesday - The Advocate (download)
Ian Dowsett, 27/03/2018
Accepting Jesus (download)
Ian Dowsett, 20/03/2018
Batism & Confirmation Service (download)
Bishop Peter Broadbent, 18/03/2018
Tuesday - The Father and I are one (download)
Carole Marshall, 13/03/2018
Mothering Sunday (download)
Ian Dowsett, 11/03/2018
Tuesday - Who is Jesus (download)
Ian Dowsett, 06/03/2018
Lazarus, Come Out (download)
Angelo Lebrato, 04/03/2018
Tuesday - The Bread of life (download)
Ian Dowsett, 20/02/2018
Worship in Spirit & Truth (download)
Carole Marshall, 18/02/2018
Tuesday - Walking on Water (download)
Carole Marshall, 13/02/2018
Born Again (download)
Ian Dowsett, 11/02/2018
Tuesday - The Father and the Son (download)
Ian Dowsett, 06/02/2018
Water into Wine (download)
Ian Dowsett, 04/02/2018
Jesus Heals (download)
Elaine Weaver, 30/01/2018
Stewardship and Trusting In God (download)
Ian Dowsett, 28/01/2018
Tuesday John 1,35-42 Come & See (download)
Ian Dowsett, 23/01/2018
Thankfulness (download)
Ian Dowsett, 21/01/2018
Tuesday John 1,29-34 - The Lamb of God (download)
Carole Marshall, 16/01/2018
Focus On The Year To Come - Vision Sunday (download)
Ian Dowsett, 14/01/2018
Tuesday John 1,19-28 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 09/01/2018
Glory to God in the Highest (download)
Elaine Weaver, 31/12/2017
The Glory Of God (5) (download)
Ian Dowsett, 25/12/2017
Tuesday Ephesians 6 Standing Firm (download)
Ian Dowsett, 19/12/2017
The Glory Of God (3) (download)
Ian Dowsett, 17/12/2017
Tuesday Ephesians 5 & 6 - Relationships (download)
Carole Marshall, 12/12/2017
The Glory Of God (2) (download)
Angelo Lebrato, 10/12/2017
Tuesday Ephesians 5 (download)
Ian Dowsett, 05/12/2017
The Glory Of God (1) (download)
Ian Dowsett, 03/12/2017
Tuesday Ephesians 4 (download)
Elaine Weaver, 28/11/2017
Agree with One Another (download)
Ian Dowsett, 26/11/2017
Baptism Sermon (download)
Ian Dowsett, 19/11/2017
Tuesday: Ephesians 2 (download)
Carole Marshall, 14/11/2017
Tuesday: Ephesians 1 - God's Purpose (download)
Ian Dowsett, 07/11/2017
Speak the Truth to One Another (download)
Bruce Stevens, 05/11/2017
Confess Your Sins To One Another (download)
Ian Dowsett, 29/10/2017
Comfort One Another (download)
Carole Marshall, 22/10/2017
Accept One Another (download)
Holly Spink, 08/10/2017
Shine Women''s Morning - The Lord's Prayer (download)
Carole Marshall, 07/10/2017
Don't Envy One Another (download)
Ian Dowsett, 01/10/2017
Tuesday - Proverbs 6 Taking Initiative (download)
Ian Dowsett, 26/09/2017
Tuesday: Proverbs 3 - The Benefits of Wisdom (download)
Elaine Weaver, 19/09/2017
Welcome One Another (download)
Ian Dowsett, 17/09/2017
Tuesday: Proverbs 2 - The Search for Wisdom (download)
Carole Marshall, 12/09/2017
Love One Another (download)
Ian Dowsett, 10/09/2017
Tuesday: Proverbs - The Beginning of Knowledge (download)
Ian Dowsett, 05/09/2017
Hannah: Thankful For Change (download)
Alison Christian, 27/08/2017
Hannah: Desperate for Change (download)
Bruce Stevens, 20/08/2017
Fruitful Ruth (download)
Ian Dowsett, 13/08/2017
Forward Ruth (download)
Elaine Weaver, 06/08/2017
Faithful Ruth (download)
Andy Cooper, 23/07/2017
Tuesday: Haggai - Chosen by God (download)
Ian Dowsett, 18/07/2017
The Parable of the Lost Son (download)
Ian Dowsett, 16/07/2017
Sharing Our Faith with other faiths (2) (download)
Ajay More, 09/07/2017
Tuesday: Haggai - Holiness (download)
Carole Marshall, 04/07/2017
Sharing our Faith with Friends (download)
Ian Dowsett, 02/07/2017
Tuesday: Haggai God's Encouragement (download)
Ian Dowsett, 27/06/2017
Sharing Our Faith with other faiths (1) (download)
Parvaneh Nicholson, 25/06/2017
Sharing Our Faith With Our Neighbours (download)
Matt Sprink, 18/06/2017
Tuesday: Haggai - God's Challenge (download)
Ian Dowsett, 13/06/2017
Tuesday: Haggai - Introduction (download)
Ian Dowsett, 06/06/2017
Sharing Faith with Family (download)
Elaine Weaver, 11/06/2017
The Holy Spirit.. God At Work (download)
Ian Dowsett, 04/06/2017
Sharing Our Faith at Work (download)
Bruce Stevens, 28/05/2017
Tuesday Acts 1 - Ascension (download)
Ian Dowsett, 23/05/2017
Making Connections (download)
Ian Dowsett, 21/05/2017
Tuesday, The Victory of the Resurrection (download)
Ian Dowsett, 16/05/2017
Ben's Farewell Sermon (download)
Ben Lovell, 14/05/2017
The Good News we have to share (download)
Ian Dowsett, 07/05/2017
Tuesday: Security of the Resurrection (download)
Ian Dowsett, 02/05/2017
Sharing Faith: Road to Emmaus (download)
Ben Lovell, 30/04/2017
Tuesday: The Resurrection of Christ (download)
Ben Lovell, 25/04/2017
Revealed Jesus (download)
Ian Dowsett, 23/04/2017
Risen Saviour (download)
Ben Lovell, 16/04/2017
Palm Sunday (download)
Cara Lovell, 09/04/2017
Tuesday: John 17 Final Part (download)
Ben Lovell, 04/04/2017
Being Saved (download)
Bruce Stevens, 02/04/2017
Being Hopeful (download)
Elaine Weaver, 26/03/2017