Resources on Racism 

Christian Resources:
We need to talk about Race – Ben Lindsay
(An excellent one for churches as they link issues of discrimination in the church with personal testimonies and challenging questions)
God’s Very Good Idea – Twila Newbill
(A children’s book dealing with diversity and race)
Justice – The Bible Project
(The Bible Project do fantastic short videos to help Christians get to grips with books of the bible and key themes within scripture. The theme of justice is particular helpful on this topic of racism and discrimination)
Secular Resources:
MTV Decoded – Franchesca Ramsey
This is a youth-style vlog that deals with issues such as racism. One example is “5 Things Everyone Should Know About Racism”.
White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo
(a more in depth book that deals with why white people struggle to face up and deal with racism)
Also view her on YouTube for example here.

Gill Thomson, 18/06/2020